Writer / Producer / Director / Editor

"Connecting young Māori to their culture through art, Soldiers Road Portraits seek to reframe identity in an empowering way".



Produced for Loading Doc's 2018 'Impact' collection

Writer / Producer / Director / Editor

After watching 'Alive Inside' I was inspired to contact Music Therapy NZ  and asked if I could produce some content for them.

9 films later here we are! I am so proud of the work we have done together and privileged to have worked with some amazing people.




"We were really impressed with not only the quality of the product, but with Louise's sensitivity when filming such a diverse range of people. A lot of thought clearly went into how to put people at ease, and we greatly appreciated this".

- Megan Berentson Glass 

Registered Music Therapist



In the midst of her first period, a quiet resilient young girl must choose between a surprise for her beloved little brother or buying pads for herself.

The film is a beautiful coming of age story about a woman's 'super powers'.

super special.jpeg

"There is a reason I am collaborating with Louise again for my upcoming funded short documentary as she understands story, honours my vision, offers creative solutions in a kind and constructive way. She is quick, pays attention to detail, and creates work I feel proud of. Her zest and passion for her work inspires me and I’m looking forward to working on our upcoming film ‘Going Home’.

- Ashley Williams (Director)

Series Editor / Head of Editorial


Thunderbirds Are Go is a 2015 British animated science fiction television programme, produced by ITV and Weta Workshop.

The programme ran for a total of 78 episodes across three series. It received positive feedback from fans of the original and critics.

thunderbirds 3.jpg

"Strong editing and action is the hallmark of Thunderbirds Are Go, and Louise's keen observations of story and instinct for dialogue and pacing have contributed a huge amount to the flavour of the show. For a director, the editor is probably the primary relationship, and is pivotal to shaping the emotional feel of a story. Louise's great feedback, communication and speed with the software enabled us to get to the heart of a scene very quickly. Louise is a great collaborator and definitely an asset to any production lucky enough to have her on board".

- David Scott (Director)

199 Little Heroes 4.jpg

 Te Rautāwhiri from Christchurch tells us why his Maori ancestry and culture is so important to him while he makes his way to school through a city rebuilding itself after a devastating earthquake.